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The Future in Design

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I find it incredibly interesting to think about the way things have changed with technology advancing so rapidly. I've heard mixed feelings about peoples views, even in the highest authority, opinions in the highest regard, people are starting to say we need to think more about solving problems than just becoming a Designer. What does this mean for a grown woman in college working toward a degree in this field? I never really wanted to be, just a Graphic Designer. I've always seen a need, a benefit for a wider range of multimedia experiences. I wanted to lean more into the future but never really knew what that looked like. Most recently, I was instructed by a mentor at my University to lean more toward Interactive Design and secure a position for my future.

Is it true one day jobs will be taken over by AI? The reality is, this is already happening, and with the fast growing industry and development of these technologies, it may be here sooner than we anticipate. In some cases, there are already programs and apps that can do things only a designer use to be able to do. I've seen a computer generate a hundred logos in less than a minute, resulting in very trendy and modern samples. All this when I would spend many hours drafting concepts and working back and forth to achieve a nice selection of low-fidelity designs for a client. Now a computer is doing this, and people are buying in. Is it possible we could end up seeing a real-life terminator?

I will tell you, I can see the value in taking the artistic vision I've always had my whole life, and combining that with real critical thinking to make a bigger difference in the design industry, and the world. I can see how I can help shape design and these newer technologies that are coming out daily. I can be a part of the growth and identity of this earlier stage in AI. I can be a part of this great movement and help fill a need or two, or a hundred! I think one of the best things I've found when it comes to expanding my knowledge is the bigger picture has been revealed to me. One of the greatest things to see is not just a finished piece, but the impact it can make for everyone involved. I want to solve real problems, fill real needs, and create in an industry that will keep me relevant in a field that I'm truly passionate about.

Just recently I learned about a software program that can edit thousands of images in seconds! What? How is this even possible? I've used some actions in Photoshop that allowed me to record a series of steps that can then be saved and applied to many images, but there's still a human touch to it! That's the one piece that leaves me thinking design will never truly be exiled out. The human touch has always been part of the artistic journey from history as we know it. There's an interaction I don't believe everyone will want to let go of. There's an expression, emotion, and what's personal in art and design, will never be fully lost! Art as we know it will always evolve. This means, we will one day see AI rule in ways we've only predicted in the movies. Does this also mean there will always be an industry for the raw, the underground, and the still-starving artists who refused or denied the new technologies? Maybe AI and the Terminator is where everything will peak. What comes after the peak? It's all down hill from there, robot war. (lol)... Hopefully mankind will not only survive, but thrive!

Kristina Robbins


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