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As a snowboarder for many years, I still dream about the first time I stepped foot on the mountain. Personally, I will never forget the first day I strapped on my Never Summer SL Snowboard and took off. I get chills talking about it. The mountains have become a "Holy" place for me. I often refer to this place as "my church". I know others share this same feeling. Never Summer has empowered riders to take on shredding as an expression, a joy-ride, and an absolute dream come true. The durability, quality, and flexibility of the boards make you feel like your soaring on the clouds, carving and twirling like you're mixing whip cream in a giant bowl of powder love. The passion put into every Never Summer board is what gives the rider a euphoric experience each and every time.

The abstract designs created by DiAnne Cooper create a surge of energy through a powerful force of creative expression. Using Color and Light she draws us into a whimsical wonderland filled with hope and energy, all while capturing the beauty in our world. DL Cooper Arts has a very detailed, elegant aesthetic.
Her approach to each design is unique, original, and full of emotion.


The Spectrum Series is a divine representation of a supernatural, but all so natural, feeling we experience every time we ride! Through this collaboration
we strive to inspire the rider, and to create a unique series that portrays the unseen language of passion, creativity, and imagination.

Kristina Robbins

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