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​Kristina Robbins

Kristina has enjoyed working many roles within the professional field of Arts, since she started her journey back in 2000. She’s a creator, business owner, facilitator, curator, educator, advocate, visionary, and problem-solver. She’s been immersed in the industry designing for clients, businesses, and organizations for a variety of communication needs like, branding, marketing, promotion and advertisement.

Kristina’s early education was in Graphic Design & Print Production, as well as Video Production & Animation. She continued on, scheduled to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Design at the University of Colorado Denver (CU), College of Arts & Media, in 2021. Over the years her work has evolved, adding new aspects as a UX Designer, specialized in Graphic Design, Video, Interactive Media, Motion & Live Capture/Animation, Web Design, Story & Messaging.

In 2016, she was offered to teach in the Multimedia department at Red Rocks Community College and now additionally teaching at Front Range Community College, and Community College of Denver. Kristina’s had many successes creating opportunities for her students and her partners in the industry. She continues working passionately with her clients to develop strategies for creating multimedia messaging and design, focused on user experience. She enjoys collaboration, while combining art, technology, and critical thinking to create powerful digital content that can be shared globally.


My Design Philosophy

My approach to design always starts with a need. I enjoy the research process and the discovery phase. We can learn from what we know about design through history, but I also try to keep an open mind and throw away any preconceived notions for solutions before I truly understand whom I am designing for. Once I can understand the need, I begin the process, and throughout the process, I require testing my ideas and applying critical feedback.
I believe great work is never done alone, and the power of critique is imperative to furthering our ideas and achieving a purpose.


I enjoy the process of storytelling and I hope to engage a viewer by creating a personal connection, no matter which medium I enjoy experimentation. My vision as an Experience-Based Designer is about making that connection with the audience. I hope my work provokes thought and inspires action.


My approach to teaching is the same. I understand there are different ways of reaching students and I work hard to meet students wherever they need me. I strive to achieve and offer growth, and I incorporate perspective from the end-user and the critics in the industry. I work hard to incorporate real-world projects and lessons to help support students gain some of the most important foundational skills in critical thinking and problem-solving.
I want students to ask the question, “How can I use design to solve this problem”. I believe you can’t teach art without teaching how it functions. I enjoy helping students identify strategies, processes, techniques, and
working with them on how to approach design with the user in mind.

Thank You,

Kristina Robbins

  My Experience

  • Graphic Design

  • Print 

  • Video/Motion

  • Interactive Media

  • Design Education

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