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Welcome to Our Domi(knows) Design Sprint

We all love pizza don't we? How do we create a better system for ordering pizza? How can Domino's make pizza easier to order for families on the go?


"How do we feed families before 'Hangry' sets in?"

The Challenge

Domino's is working to improve their user experience by advancing digital platforms to make online ordering more efficient and convenient for their customers. Through this process, there is much to be said about their current system with many problems to tackle. These problems are identified best by putting the user to the test, asking questions, and recording piles of data for analysis. In the mean time, there are families on the go, ready to eat. When content is spread everywhere, or the system is overly complicated to interact with, a customer can get confused or frustrated, resulting in the business losing a valued member. There must be empathy between the designer and the customer in order to make adjustments We're looking at time to research, formulate ideas, challenge these ideas, prototype, and user testing.


Domino's has worked hard to re-brand and revamp their image and quality of their product, and they're investing as a team to create innovative solutions for the future. They offer creative solutions that interact with a user, but much is yet to be done.


I love Domino's pizza, but I have to admit, there's a few things I'm looking at differently after this sprint. Even if you love Domino's Pizza, if it's too hard to order you will go somewhere else. Families on the go are tired from a long busy day, or quite possibly in need of something quick to feed an army of soccer players. Either way, whatever the urge, if you can't order a pizza without all the hassle, then people get hangry and move on!

"Co-creation and collaboration is the key to developing well rounded ideas that meet the needs for our users."

Our Team

Our team of designers provide a dynamic range
of intellectual and critical thinking from different perspectives in gender, age and individuality. We were able to come together to meet for the first time to co-create a solution to help families order dinner quickly and efficiently using the Domino's online ordering system.


In just 5 steps our team was able to identify real problems through conducting interviews and user testing, challenge ideas, and create prototypes to test with our users.

Each member of our team provided insight through our competitor's analysis, gaining perspective on the overall look and flow of content, and the function of current systems in place. Together we achieved a clear objective for our design.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Our Vision

As a team we explored different ideas, many of which seemed to compliment each other. Our overall mission was to give customers a super simple way to incorporate a "Quick Order" system built into their profile, with very little effort to set up. With families at the forefront of our design concept, we want to make ordering as easy as pushing a single button, to make ordering hassle free and fast.

Competitor Analysis

In order to tackle any problem it's important to start with current and existing models to frame our ideas around. To achieve this our team spent time exploring other competitors in the pizza business as well as other online purchasing systems in place. This included online stores that were unrelated in product, but still serving the online ordering community. When we take a look at Pizza Hit we can identify common problems in layout and design that create confusion for the customer. Both businesses bombard you with lots of visuals which definitely makes you hungry, but overstimulates the ordering experience. 


Design Sprint

The Design Sprint consists of a series of 5 steps to help first, understand the problem, draw out ideas for solutions, compare ideas with fellow teammates and decide on a solution, creating prototypes, and then validating with user testing. This process allows for ideas to be implemented, tested, and revised quickly.

The 5 steps to the process

  • Understand

  • Sketch

  • Decide

  • Prototype

  • Validate

Now, let's take a look at these 5 steps broken down.

"I like to think of Day 1 as the day we provide answers to Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why?...
How comes later."

Day 1: Understand

In order to begin we must first establish our team and leaders. The sprint requires lots of information to begin from both existing information, and user experiences. A dynamic team must have organization and regular documentation, interviews must be conducted and we must identify existing systems in place that could potentially work in different ways. We spent much time researching Domino's current website, vision, mission, and stakeholders involved. Domino's had invested as a team within their organization to launch future friendly digital platforms that can reach users and make pizza shopping so easy and welcoming, they are bound to lead in industry for years to come. As a team we've identified the customers, what the product looks like, our competitors, and we've identified technologies used that could provide opportunities for our design today.

WHO? Domino's Pizza

Domino's isn't wasting time improving their design. In the last two and a half weeks throughout this design sprint, Domino's has made major changes to
the layout and organization of content throughout their site. This is baffling to me since we just conducted user tests and the layout was a mess. It's almost like they've been sitting in with us and making adjustments along the way. This is the current homepage for Domino's online ordering system. From what I can see, things are improving quite rapidly.

The previous site was overwhelming with long lists, ads everywhere, small fonts for important information, or large obnoxious buttons for promotions and ad-on items.
I feel like it might be a good time to invest into a business who's invested into their customer's interaction and experience.

For bloggers posting 2.jpg

This is a very realistic image that helps to illustrate the amount of content we are use to seeing on the Domino's website. The overall look and feel is extremely busy, full of information and often causing people
to get confused or even overwhelmed. Domino's has come a long way, and are invested into enhancing
the overall user experience. Dominos set forth as a team to become more automated and simple.

Ford and Dominos Driverless Cars.jpg

Ford and Dominos have been collaborating on a driver-less car. Dominos believes the future for their business is shaped around newer technologies, online and automated ordering systems, and
a deliver car that doesn't require a driver! This massive change will decrease the amount of employees need for placing orders, and will rather employ them through technical services.

"I wish I could just push a button and order a pizza!"

Domino's Pizza is leading in new innovative methods for ordering pizza and providing positive user experiences using Twitter. You can simply tweet a pizza emoji, it's just that simple!

Tweet your pizza.jpg

Learn more at:

What? Industry Example

What would be the first thing to come to mind when you think of convenient ordering? What if you could simply push a button and "poof" a pizza is on the way. Looking at Amazon we found a model already exists for almost any product you could imagine ordering through Amazon! Are you kidding me? I love this idea, I could really use one of these to keep on my laundry machine for when I get low on detergent.

"Oh the possibilities are endless!"

How it works.PNG

"Is this really a viable solution? Can a single button ordering system work for ordering pizzas?"


Introducing the Amazon Dash Button. It seems as though they think a push button can be used for just about anything! Our team all gravitated toward this concept with different ideas of how this could be integrated into Domino's online ordering system.

Amazon Dash Button 1.PNG
Button examples.PNG
Amazon Dash Button 2.PNG

"Oh the possibilities are endless!"

When? & Where? Systems in the Works

What would be the first thing to come to mind when you think of convenient ordering? What if you could simply push a button and "poof" a pizza is on the way. Looking at Amazon we found a model already exists for almost any product you could imagine ordering through Amazon! Are you kidding me? I love this idea, I could really use one of these to keep on my laundry machine for when I get low on detergent.

"Has this been done for pizza before?"

It's amazing the stuff that's already been tried, even for ordering pizza! Domino's implemented a push button ordering companion in the UK. It doesn't surprise me since you can also tweet a pizza emoji and order that way. Now, as we've laid the foundation for our team's design we can approach our Design Sprint, ready to challenge our ideas. Some of the most important data comes from existing information.

Domino's makes ordering pizza dangerous with 'Easy Order' button

The article above talks about Domino's implementing the push order button system in the UK. You will be surprised at some of the comments that come up!


So we know "When?". Domino's Pizza has already implemented an idea like this, but how can we improve this idea and build it into a viable solution for their mobile online ordering system? The question of "Where?", we need to build this concept into online Domino's mobile phone ordering application. This current model is just as busy as ever so the biggest hurdle to jump will be creating a new interface that allows users to order before they even have to approach the main menu. It's as simple as that, or is it?


Why does this current system bring concerns to the table? I can tell you, with a five year old daughter I wouldn't want my daughter pushing the button and accidentally ordering 20 pizzas! Okay, this is not exactly how it works, you do get a chance to confirm your order, but this system is set up using an additional device with wireless Bluetooth capabilities. Does this system really work for everyone, and why would we even need a button if we need a Bluetooth component as well? Why not build it into one interface and make it user friendly? Do we really want to carry this button around with us? What if a woman puts it in her purse and again, we order pizzas without knowing? The solution is simple. Domino's is already working on a "Easy Order" option, why not just build it into the user profile and make the app more manageable than it is? 

"Are we really just trying to perfect a concept that already works?"

HMW? How Might We...?

The questions roll in after we conducted background research. Each member of the team was able to identify simple questions in minutes which would help us navigate through the next steps of the Design Sprint process.


Day 2: Sketch

As I stated before, our team provides a dynamic range of ideas from different backgrounds. Together we worked through understanding the problems with the current system setup, and now we each have an opportunity to draft our ideas and come together for discussion. We each worked our own version of an easy to use "Easy Order" system. With a nice range in concepts and visual layout we were able to see what stylistic choices would best fit our target market. We want to provide for families in need for quick ordering, so we had to narrow down the best concept based on simplicity in function and style. Of course this plan changed!


User Experience

One of the most valuable resources for acquiring data is through user research and testing. Through conducting interviews and testing we were able to discover some common issues, user behaviors, and personal interests from the customers. 

"Dominos is great isn't it? We all love pizza don't we? How hard is it to order a flippin pizza?!"


Erik Hulslander

Age: 40

Denver Local


Erik is a frequent customer who truly enjoys Dominos Pizza. He orders roughly once every three weeks using the Dominos mobile phone app. We put him to the desktop and asked him to walk us through his process for ordering dinner. Erik does have experience using the desktop version, but prefers to order through his mobile device for convenience. Things we learned while trying to navigate through the Dominos website:

😨 First reaction was in response to an overwhelming amount of ads that pop up everywhere. Too much info! Not utilizing the space very efficiently.

🙄 Second issue was with searching for a favorite or recent order. There's too much data in a single list that saves favorites, recent and previous orders. It was easier to start new rather than reorder what Erik had last time.

Erik loves the quality of Dominos Pizza, but finds it to be a hassle to order. He wishes there was a faster way to order his fav.



Stephen Schaf

AGE: 53

Denver Local

Stephen enjoys pizza so much he orders roughly once a week! We call this dedication! The main issue Stephen has with Dominos is the log in! Stephen seems to have so many issues trying to get logged in or retrieve his password. In his own words, "Where's my flippin recovery email?" He rarely ever makes it far enough to order so he usually turns to Pizza Hut! Now this is not good news for Dominos, losing customers before they even have them! Stephen tried to establish a new account with Dominos, but he continued to receive an error message that an account already existed with his info. So... where's his flippin recovery email?!" For this exercise we helped Stephen get into the site to give us more feedback on the desktop presence.

😨 What are all these ads?

😨 No! I don't want extra cheese! (popups are an issue)

😂Yay! Build your own pizza is a great way to connect with your pizza!


😨 Add to order is not in the right spot (need to add cheese and sauce first)

😨 How the heck do I go to checkout? (link is so tiny in the corner of a popup menu trying to up sell items)

🙄 Trying to check out not deal with more up sell!

😫 I just want a f@#%ing pizza!

Stephen really wishes there was a simpler way to order without small or hidden text, without the hassle of popups and ads. Stephen wants a Domino's Pizza, but he's going to order from Pizza Hut instead.


Amara Huslander


Denver Local

Amara is a big fan of Domino's Pizza. She loves it so much she orders once a week or more! Amara likes to make things easy and just order the same thing. She prefers to carry out to save money, but finds it a little complicated updating personal information through the account setup. She doesn't always order at home and she wishes there was an easier way to reorder a pizza. When Amara logs in she likes to go straight for coupons which is easy to find, however the coupons are the same all the time! Amara's final feedback below:

😂 Some text is too small and hard to read

🙄 Easier to order new than reorder my usual

😒 Same deal every day in email offers

😊Prices pull me in

🤔Too many options, looking for usual in coupons

Amara will continue to order with Dominos since they have the best and most affordable pizza. She's confident Dominos is working hard to improve their online ordering experience.


Day 3: Decide

Well, back to coordinate with the team. Today we will each be put to a minute-per-page test to see what kind of design solutions we can come up with under pressure. The challenge to this was the pressure of coming up with a plan in under a minute per page! The benefit to this is much greater, this process helps us to get something on paper! Whether it's a good plan or not, the design process gives us a structured method of getting to work. Here's what our team came up with.


So, what did we decide?

As a team we all had great ideas of how we could not just provide a clean and user-friendly Quick Ordering system, but we each wanted to create a welcoming and engaging space for families to interact within. Things we talked about were creating a competition or trivia space where families could compete to win their choice of pizza for the night. Another thought was to give the user control of customizing their own profile and icon setup for their favorites. The big question was if we had time to achieve all these great ideas. The biggest goal we had in mind was that single button ordering system built into the mobile app, preventing customers from having to search through the main menus on Domino's homepage. Simplicity is key to the next steps we take to create our prototype.

"I just really want to pre-load my usual orders and be able to save them for a Quick Order without all the extra hassle navigating through the website! "

Day 4: Prototype

It's time to start creating a basic layout from scratch. Using Adobe Illustrator, as a team we started with very basic buttons and minimal content. It was most important to get through the basic mockup before we started talking about the aesthetic. Function first, then design. These two factors go hand-in hand, creating a positive user experience if executed with the user in the front of our mind.

Mockup Day 4.jpg

Oh the pressure is on to create this prototype! We start with what we know, Log In. Okay, easy enough right? Every time we add a button, we have to add another page, and another and another...etc. The initial mock-up contains low res images we puled from online, but the basics are finally coming together. 

Domino's Pizza Quick Order 

There's so many additions, so many other ways we could go about this, but it's important to get the prototype ready for testing. This first schematic illustrates the "Quick Order" system. Here we have a profile already established and a Number 1 favorite pre-built and ready to order in just a few clicks.

build 1-01.jpg

Domi(knows) Your Favorites 

This is a tricky one since we're putting a twist on the Domino's brand. The concept behind this is to create a personal profile, establishing a combination of different orders for different events. This system allows the user to customize their own events within their profile, making ordering just as easy as the "Quick Order" option.

build 2-02.jpg

New Order Option

This is pretty self explanatory, just like it says, you can use this option to access Domino's main menu to create a "New Order" from scratch. The idea behind this is to simplify the users experience with simple menu icons rather than an entire website hitting you with an overwhelming visual experience. Simplicity is key!

build 3-03.jpg

Design Revisions

Leave it to a team of designers to tackle the look and feel before we actually take this and apply function in the Marvel app. The best part about this was trusting a teammate with a different background and about half my age to give their own perspective on the design. When you think about the up and coming generations, it's absolutely imperative to get their insight on what they like, and what they think looks good or not. Without any additional time to revisit this next set of designs, we need to get this puppy rolling!

Domino's Pizza Quick Order 

schematic update1-01.jpg

Domi(knows) Your Favorites 

schematic update2-02.jpg

New Order Option

schematic update3-03.jpg

"It feels really good to see everything come together!"

Day 5: Validate

The moment of truth, or perhaps when everything may crumble! It's time for our team to put the user to the test. Our biggest concern was the fact we could not prompt our user to navigate the way we wanted them to. This felt overly concerning since we didn't apply function to every single button! In order to do that we would have had to create several pages in very little time. We used the schematics to streamline the three paths we wanted our users to try, however, without them knowing that we had a few incidents that felt like an Epic Fail!


Ordering Pizza Is A Breeze! Or Is It? Check out our demos below...

Domino's Pizza Quick Order 

Domi(knows) Your Favorites 

New Order Option

"This button isn't working!"

Application Errors

Oh the dreaded feedback and complication of errors. We knew going into this without being able to prompt people we would be running into some serious errors. This next demo illustrates some of the errors people encountered. We knew as a team, this was coming. Unfortunately errors like this frustrated a few of our users.

"Feedback is helpful to the design process, whether it's good or bad, we need to know!"

User Testing Experience

The moment of truth, or perhaps when everything may crumble! It's time for our team to put the user to the test. Our biggest concern was the fact we could not prompt our user to navigate the way we wanted them to. This felt overly concerning since we didn't apply function to every single button! In order to do that we would have had to create several pages in very little time. We used the schematics to streamline the three paths we wanted our users to try, however, without them knowing that we had a few incidents that felt like an Epic Fail!


Aaron Nay


● What do you think about the layout?

Done very well, simple to navigate, emphasis on what we want clicked.


● Can you find your way around the app

Emphasis on buttons is very good


● Are the types/fonts legible


● Does this feel and look like Dominos

Ornamental designs doesn’t communicate Dominos, more pizza related designs


● Which login method do you prefer



● Would you take the time to make a profile

Appetite would change, but would be easy to access favs


● Is the ordering process quick enough

Quick Order is convenient (very specific but good if you like the same pizza)

● Do you like the design



● Is it easy to navigate

Not that easy, yes minimalistic design, but could add backgrounds to help define areas, make them stand out


● Would you prefer using the desktop or mobile version

Both depending on situation


● Do you know what DomiKnows means

Ask Dominos a question? Clever but not defined without advertisement

DomiKNOWS… needs more description

unnamed (12).jpg

"It's simple, makes sense. I'd use it!"

"I think it’s smart because, when people order food they usually already know what they want. The profile would already know."


Libby Yi


● What do you think about the layout?

Thinks the graphic is cute (1st page) pizza board

● Can you find your way around the app


● Are the types/fonts legible



● Does this feel and look like Dominos

I feel like it is a little fancier in a good way


● Which login method do you prefer

I’d probably do the phone, because i don't use facebook a ton


● Would you take the time to make a profile

Probably, yes bc it expidites the process of ordering… only have to do it once


● Is the ordering process quick enough

I feel like its really fast


● Do you like the design

I do like the design. I feel like some fonts are too small i like the red with the big buttons, feels intuitive


● Is it easy to navigate

Yes, maybe order now should be at the top of the page


● Would you prefer using the desktop or mobile version



● Do you know what DominKnows means

It already knows my order and i can do it fast

unnamed (11).jpg


Michaela Manfriedo


● What do you think about the layout?

I like it… i do like how it starts out giving you an option for
phone number or social media account since dominos
explains itself as tech company that sells pizza

● Can you find your way around the app

The beginning was easier, i got confused because when it
says welcome back. “Delivery” or carry out” or order now.


● Are the types/fonts legible

Yes they are. I love the pictures. It definitely fits the aesthetic if
you see Domino's pizza boxes it reminds me of that


● Does this feel and look like Dominos

Pizza boxes. The typography is legible. Dominos however has a distinct typeface
for a general typeface it fits Dominos


● Which login method do you prefer

It depends on the product that i’m using if its a food product and it’s be easy to follow them then i might use facebook


● Would you take the time to make a profile

Yes i would definitely make a profile because not only is it easier it quicker


● Is the ordering process quick enough

I do like the quick order and it is able to be edited


● Do you like the design

Yes I do! I especially love the graphic icons for buttons.


● Is it easy to navigate

Well, it's a prototype so the paths that are working are working well. 

● Would you prefer using the desktop or mobile version


● Do you know what DominKnows means

No i don’t. (realization) oh It gives you different options whether it’s a family night.. Not sure what “more than enough" is.

unnamed (6).jpg

"The price should be before the confirmation page... Like I said, it's a protoype."

unnamed (5).jpg


Randy Wong


● What do you think about the layout?

I think it is really clean. I like the app

● Can you find your way around the app

Yea i’d say so, there is kind of a lot of text so my
eyes are going everywhere


● Are the types/fonts legible

Yes id say everything is clean and simple


● Does this feel and look like Dominos

I think the color scheme does, the swirls  kind of makes
it looks "etsy" if that makes sense/


● Which login method do you prefer

Probably phone… so it just picks the pizza im assuming?


● Would you take the time to make a profile

Yea i probably would so i could order quickly.


● Is the ordering process quick enough

It took 2 seconds so yes id say it’s quick enough. What if I 
accidentallypress order now?


● Do you like the design

Yea its simple and doesn't stray too far away from the Dominos brand..
Maybe the ornaments are throwing me off.

● Is it easy to navigate

It’s pretty straight forward

● Would you prefer using the desktop or mobile version

The app, because you can order a pizza from two clips.

● Do you know what DominKnows means

I’d assume it just picks it for you. The options are straightforward but I’d
be confused about “more than enough”

unnamed (14).jpg

"I like the idea, I think it's creative."

unnamed (13).jpg
unnamed (10).jpg

User Experience EPIC FAIL!

Of course Amara was so willing to come back and test our design. We realized not building the additional pages really impacted her as a user. She really wanted to log in, but couldn't get past the first screen. What a frustration, but as a team we've made a great deal of progress laying the foundation for our concept,
"Domi(knows)" Quick Ordering System. 

"I'm trying to push the button but nothing is happening. I just want to order a pizza!"

"I'd have to say, we've come a long way in a short amount of time!"

Try our Domi(knows) app at the link below. We're working to update this regularly.

The Outcome

User testing is a must. It's important to create a system starting with the customer first. The Design Sprint gave us an opportunity to dive right in and start understanding the need first. From there we were able to generate ideas, challenge those ideas, create a prototype, and deliver a user experience for immediate feedback. We learned about different graphics causing confusion, people mistaking backgrounds for buttons. . User testing gave us so much insight, prompting minor tweaks, suggestions, and compliments as well, the feedback is important. The Marvel App made it easy to apply function to each path we came up with. I think we've all come to realize how dynamic a system can become and how important simplicity is. We also learned to not make things available to the user if they're not working or set up. The main idea is to test what you need, and then advance the design. We learned about what was appealing and what should go, the legibility and where people were limited with navigation. This process doesn't stop here. The Design Sprint gives us as designers, the information we need to go back to the drawing board and continue improving our designs.

"This process gives you so much information, it makes you think on your feet and truly helps you develop viable solutions. It may just take a few tries to get there!"

Biggest Challenge

I would have to say the biggest challenge was not doing something that had already been done. In our case, we didn't find out Dominos applied a similar concept into their online system until later. They are rapidly advancing their system and in fact, launched changes to their site, exposing an Easy Order Companion when were already prototyping. They are working hard around the clock to make changes.

Easy Order.PNG

Lesson Learned

Working with my team gave me an opportunity to lead at times, but it also helped me sit back and listen a little more. Since I am much older things seem, look, feel, and appeal differently to me than they do a younger generation. This was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic team of creative designers, the future of Digital Design. I think the biggest lesson learned was—to receive a new perspective.


Beyond user testing, our team of highly creative individuals worked to solve some of the errors, visual components, layout and design concepts we learned to improve our prototype. We took the feedback we received and made adjustments accordingly.

Domino's Pizza Quick Order 

Domi(knows) Your Favorites 

New Order Option

"The design process is exactly that, a process! With time and feedback we will continue to advance our designs."

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