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Research in Key

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

For my thesis I have to start asking a lot of useful questions. Of course this means I also have to filter through a lot of bad, or even just broad questions in order to get to the good and useful information.

Just to get things started here are a few of my research questions:

1. What impact has lack of experience had on recent college graduates entering the field?

2. What do employers expect when hiring recent graduates coming out of college?

3. How does experiential learning create a better employee after college?

4. What are the different ways we learn?

5. How can colleges bridge the gap between the classroom and the working field for students before they leave college?

6. What are the benefits to engaging into hands-on and active learning while you're in school?

7. What type of skills do employers feel are missing from recent college graduates?

8. How much money do businesses invest in private training for their employees?

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