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Define the Problem

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I'm sure I can go on and define a hundred problems that exist around this topic, but I am trying to narrow the focus to really come to a problem I want to solve. Without going straight to the solution, I can focus more on the things that keep popping up to me. After I narrow the scope, I can come up with a proposed solution.

The problem lies with the fact recent college graduates lack experience working with clients in the real-world. Graduates are finding it hard to get a job because the lack of experience makes them less reliable and employable, (Lindzon & Lindzon, 2015). This is even more true when it comes to a very specific area of mixed creative careers in Graphic Design, Photography ,and Video Production. College graduates pursuing independent work in the field really don't know what they're getting into which can backfire on them and take them for a true beating with serious consequences.

Many employers are willing to train a “culture”, and they spend lots of money and time seeking and training new-hires about their company strategies, policies, and mission, (Hiring Experienced vs Inexperienced Employees — Which Is Better?, 2019). Employers can spend thousands of dollars training their workforce, but when it comes to the marketing, or public relations departments, they expect when they hire people responsible for driving the product or services globally, to be ready to hit the ground running. Lack of experience can have greater consequences for all parties involved whether it falls on the creative professional who makes a bad design decision, or a tragic mistake that could have been prevented with prior knowledge of what to expect. These mistakes cost time and money. Employers expect to hire professionals out of college who know what they are doing. Without experience, students only have the tools. It’s like owning a gun with no idea how to use it. One mistake can cost you everything.

Students need a space to apply what they’re learning and gain feedback while they’re in school, a place where they can make mistakes. They need the opportunity to challenge ideas and to test them, but most important they need to reflect on the things that were successful, and the things that weren’t in order to improve their abilities to problem solve and think critically about the purpose and impact of their work. This process of learning through observation, application, and reflection, gives greater perspective and understanding of all the moving parts, and offers opportunity to work through challenges under guidance and with the support of other active learners.

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