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Kristina Robbins


November 4, 2018

Undergraduates Engage in Multi-Cultural Conversations Without Prior Knowledge of a Foreign Language!

Students “chat and learn” while studying abroad; immersing into cultural experiences using the new Common Conversation mobile translation app.

DENVER, November 4, 2018, [5280—The Denver Magazine] — Change Travel announced launching the new Android app, Common Conversations; giving International Perspective Students a conversational tool which translates on the spot in the language of choice, bridging the gap of language barriers, ultimately immersing the student further into an educational cultural experience.

“It’s one thing to be able to listen and observe, it’s another when you can truly articulate the message and communicate a response. Even some of the most common conversations are impossible to have in multi-language environments. There’s too much time spent trying-to-translate, and not enough conversation.”

It’s a big task for college students to travel internationally, let alone the added stress of not knowing the language you’re about to encounter. So often we waste time trying to understand each other, we miss out on a natural conversation. What about the simple conversations that get us through a day when we’re in a foreign country? The best educational experience is achieved by fully immersing into a culture to learn and understand more about it. If a student doesn’t have the tools to ask questions or to comprehend what someone is saying, the message is lost and the overall experience can be frustrating.

“I wanted to make it easier for students to talk with people when they travel internationally. I asked students what their common communication problems were when they study abroad and some of their responses were; asking for directions, ordering food, and asking where the bathroom is. With Common Conversations mobile app these questions are being answered and the student is taking control of their own cultural experience by interacting confidently and independently”, said Kristina Robbins, Product Designer.

Common Conversations is a mobile translation app specifically designed to support students studying abroad. The app helps students communicate common phrases, like asking for directions, while gaining an understanding of the language. The app offers go-to questions and suggests common phrases to respond, and will record what the other person is saying to translate a response. This makes the conversation possible, all while helping the student talk to the locals. For instant communication, the student can simply record their question and the app will match it to the best phrases to use. The app can respond with an audio translation if the user prompts it to, and it offers a large library of complex phrases for students to socialize. With this app students can search specific words like, “bathroom”, and the app will formulate suggestions. By breaking down common questions, students can learn the basics for communicating in a foreign country just by repeated use of this interactive tool. The new mobile app makes it easy to ask a question, view and identify proper phrases to use, and translate a message instantly.

Sarah Vaughn stated, “I love being able to use Common Conversations for more than asking directions. I use it to interact, like giving a compliment. The responses I get from others is overwhelming with curiosity and joy.”

Common Conversations mobile translator app empowers students to take control of their own learning. This app promotes social engagement and interaction, so get started by visiting Sign up for a free account, answer a few questions about your travel plans, download the app and get started today.

By: Kristina Robbins

November 4, 2018

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