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Dominos is great isn't it? We all love pizza don't we? How hard is it to order a flippin pizza?!

Tonight we put things to the test by conducting user experiences with frequent customers who use Dominos online ordering system. By sitting behind the driver we were able to identify key problems, and potential solutions for these issues. Our case studies helped us identify questions to ask our user about their experience ordering (or trying to order) a flippin pizza.


Erik Hulslander

Age: 40

Denver Local


Erik is a frequent customer who truly enjoys Dominos Pizza. He orders roughly once every three weeks using the Dominos mobile phone app. We put him to the desktop and asked him to walk us through his process for ordering dinner. Erik does have experience using the desktop version, but prefers to order through his mobile device for convenience. Things we learned while trying to navigate through the Dominos website:

😨 First reaction was in response to an overwhelming amount of ads that pop up everywhere. Too much info! Not utilizing the space very efficiently.

🙄 Second issue was with searching for a favorite or recent order. There's too much data in a single list that saves favorites, recent and previous orders. It was easier to start new rather than reorder what Erik had last time.

Erik loves the quality of Dominos Pizza, but finds it to be a hassle to order. He wishes there was a faster way to order his fav.


Stephen Schaf

AGE: 53

Denver Local


Stephen enjoys pizza so much he orders roughly once a week! We call this dedication! The main issue Stephen has with Dominos is the log in! Stephen seems to have so many issues trying to get logged in or retreive his password. In his own words, "Where's my flippin recovery email?" He rarely ever makes it far enough to order so he usually turns to Pizza Hut! Now this is not good news for Dominos, losing customers before they even have them! Stephen tried to establish a new account with Dominos, but he continued to receive an error message that an account already existed with his info. So... where's his flippin recovery email?!" For this exercise we helped Stephen get into the site to give us more feedback on the desktop presence.

😨 What are all these ads?

😨 No! I don't want extra cheese! (popups are an issue)

😂Yay! Build your own pizza is a great way to connect with your pizza!

😨 Add to order is not in the right spot (need to add cheese and sauce first)

😨 How the heck do I go to checkout? (link to checkout is so tiny in the corner of a popup menu trying to up sell items)

🙄 Trying to check out not deal with more up sell!

😫 I just want a f@#%ing pizza!

Stephen really wishes there was a simpler way to order without small or hidden text, without the hassle of popups and up sell info every other click. Stephen wants a Dominos pizza, but he's going to order from Pizza Hut instead.


Amara Huslander


Denver Local


Amara is a big fan of Dominos. She loves it so much she orders once a week or more! Amara likes to make things easy and just order the same thing. She prefers to carry out to save money, but finds it a little complicated updating personal information through the account setup. She doesn't always order at home and she wishes there was an easier way to reorder a pizza. When Amara logs in she likes to go straight for coupons which is easy to find, however the coupons are the same all the time! Amara's final feedback goes as follows:

😂 Some text is too small and hard to read

🙄 Easier to order new than reorder my usual

😒 Same deal every day in email offers

😊Prices pull me in

🤔Too many options, looking for usual in coupons

Amara will continue to order with Dominos since they have the best and most affordable pizza. She's confident Dominos is working hard to improve their online ordering experience and she really loves the pizza tracker!

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